Weights – Dare or Scare?

If you’re not training to solely build muscle, you won’t get bulky, worries aside.

One thing that is sure is that by looking stronger, you’ll also look leaner. Your muscles will find their way to the surface and you’ll be able to proudly show them off by wearing shorts, yoga leggings, fitted shirts, and tank tops. 

Weight training namely reduces stress and improves your heart health. We’re talking everything in moderation and following the rules of training and nutrition while also getting in plenty of water and quality rest.

Weight training will actually make you leaner and not bulkier. Just make sure the exercises you’re doing are a combination of toning moves with their “powering” counterparts. By powering, I mean going slow on the contraction part of the exercise, and controllably exploding back into the starting position on the extending part.

You don’t even have to gym or shop to get a set of your own weights. You can use filled water bottles or heavy books as a starter.

Plus, it is as easy as sprinkling your usual routines with exercises that include weights. There’s always an easy and more difficult version of the exercise you’re performing. At least my routines normally have those options.

By weight training, you boost your metabolism. By building lean muscle, your body uses more of the energy-burning potential. It’s the ability of your body to burn more calories. You get hungry more often, and it is perfectly fine to fuel your body with healthy snacks each of those times.

Did you know that a little bit of strength training each day makes you fall asleep easier and sleep better? The well-rested that you are, you’ll also easier crush the next day’s workout and the rest of your tasks.

It also improves your posture. So, next time when you walk into a room, you’re going to stand taller. Your pretty posture stems from your core. Why don’t you add a couple of repetitions of deadlifts, rows, and plank positions to your routine and see how they make you feel. I assume taller. But let me know your observations, too!

A little of strength training is also proven to kick anxiety in its butt, boost your brain activity, and improve your mood. By feeling stronger, you’ll also see an improvement in your self-image and confidence.

While there are two major benefits directly concerning your health. First, is that, by lifting weights, your bone density increases. In turn, you should have slower bone-loss in later age. While the second is related to your heart. Strength training has been proven to lower the bad and raise the good type of cholesterol when its combined with cardio training.

Moreover, it improves your balance. Our bodies tend to lean toward one side. While a balanced body fights injuries better. It also helps your brain work in different ways. You’ve probably heard how one side of the brain is for reasonable thinking and the other for creative thinking. By working them both, you’ll bring the weaker one closer to the high level of the stronger one. Win-win, right?

Still apprehensive? If you’re thinking about it, you’re already halfway there. Just start slow and see what happens.