What Not to Wear to Yoga Class

What feels most comfortable during yoga practice should be left up to individual preference, but there are a few dos and don’ts you should keep in mind for dressing appropriately. Comfort and appropriate fit are the top priorities for your yoga clothing so you can focus on the poses and breath work rather than on adjusting your clothes every few minutes. One of the best clothing options for a yoga class is fitted clothing that stays in place and works best for your body. Here are a few tips on what not to wear to your yoga class.

  • Don’t Wear: Short shorts or loose shorts – Short spandex shorts can be appropriate for intense heated classes like Bikram and Hot Yoga, but you should avoid wearing them to a yoga class the rest of the time. Loose shorts tend to bunch up when you move, causing a distraction when you have to pull them back into place every few minutes. They will also leave you worrying about whether someone can see up your shorts when you move into poses like forward bends or extending your legs into the air during down dog.
  • What to wear instead: Stick to wearing fitted cropped or full-length leggings. They will keep your booty covered, and the material will absorb sweat and stay in place to keep you from getting distracted by your clothes.

  • Don’t Wear: Cotton or lacy undies – These fabrics get heavy when they are wet and they don’t dry quickly. When you start to sweat during yoga class they will leave you feeling uncomfortable and ready for a clothing change.
  • What to wear instead: Try wearing moisture-wicking underwear made specifically for athletic use to keep you most comfortable.

  • Don’t Wear: Thin pants – Comfy leggings are great for lounging, but you want performance leggings for yoga class. They should be thick enough that you can’t see through them during revealing poses. You should also avoid wearing light colored leggings as they tend to be see through no matter the thickness.
  • What to wear instead: Stick to black, navy, chocolate, or other dark capris and leggings made of thick, durable material even if it means splurging on a more expensive pair specifically for wearing to the yoga studio.

  • Don’t Wear: Shirts that don’t fit – Avoid t-shirts, loose tanks, and short tops that don’t fit properly. T-shirts always fall over your head in downward dog, and loose tanks can be distracting if you’re not comfortable with your belly showing as you flow between poses.
  • What to wear instead: Long, fitted tanks that stay put and keep you covered in every pose.

  • Don’t Wear: Revealing tops – Don’t wear low cut, revealing, or unsupported tops to a yoga class even if they are comfortable and look great on you. They won’t provide support during poses like down dog and will leave you feeling exposed.
  • What to wear instead: Stick to sports tops that support your upper body to avoid your midriff or excessive cleavage from showing.

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