How to Wear Yoga Clothes to the Office

Your yoga leggings are probably the most comfortable thing you have in your closet right now. Most people would love to put on their comfiest clothes before they head into the office for a long day of work. After all, your workday is hard enough without having to wear uncomfortable clothing at the same time.

How can you incorporate your favorite piece of yoga attire into your daily outfit at the office? We thought you might welcome some of these top tips for wearing your casual clothing in a more formal setting.

Pair your leggings with more elegant clothing.

There’s no way to really avoid the fact that a pair of black yoga leggings is always going to be more casual. Fortunately, you can hide some of their laidback vibes by pairing your leggings with more formal and elegant items. A silky blouse or a well-tailored blazer may be the perfect companion for leggings on a casual Friday at the office.

This is also an excellent opportunity to wear more dresses. If you often hesitate because you’re afraid a dress is too short, leggings can help you to get more use out of these items. You will feel more at ease in your dresses and elevate your entire outfit simultaneously.

Don’t forget to accessorize.

You can take the emphasis off of your yoga leggings by accessorizing properly. A few shiny pieces can capture the attention of your coworkers and clients, easily drawing their attention away from your basic yoga leggings. Look for chic statement necklaces, chunky bangles, or dangling earrings that catch the light.

Make your leggings plain.

You may be able to get away with wearing yoga attire to the office, but you don’t want to draw too much attention to your leggings. The best thing to do if you want to dress up your outfit is to wear plain black leggings. You may also wear other dark neutral solids instead of black, such as charcoal grey or chocolate brown. Bold prints and colors can stand out unnecessarily and make your entire outfit seem less professional.

Wear the right shoes.

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about your shoes before you head to work in the morning. You probably prefer to be comfortable, particularly if you have to stand on your feet all day. However, you may want to upgrade your footwear if you plan to wear leggings to work. A pair of patent leather flats could replace your worn-out flip-flops. If you’re open to wearing heels, a nice pair of wedges or low leather pumps could complement your yoga leggings beautifully.

Could you pull off wearing yoga leggings to an afternoon at the office? With the help of some of these key tips, you could find plenty of new ways to look more polished and feel more comfortable at the same time. If you wear them properly, your boss may not even notice you’re actually wearing your yoga leggings to work.