Make the Way to Achieving Your Goals More Lighthearted

The first thing you should do is stop aiming for perfection. I wouldn’t be the one bursting your bubble, but it is not attainable. You are unique in itself, and that is perfect.

There might be more ideas on how to keep your mind active and coming up with creative ideas. One of such is to take one thing apart and then reassemble it back together.

Talk to children.

They normally have a vast imagination and can easily help you solve problems. Looking from their perspective might be very refreshing at the times when we tend to complicate almost everything we do.

Practice Self-care 

Take yourself on a date somewhere where you’ve never been before. Look at things you’ve never noticed before at places that you know. Check the architecture, the buzzing of the city, or the calmness of nature.

Dedicate some time each day to brainstorm. It can even be what kind of outfits you would like to wear so you know what you will buy on your next clothes haul to fit with the rest of the items you already own, or it can be a combination of workout exercises that will make you feel good afterward. It can even be a grocery list or a week’s worth menu of meals. Make it valuable.

Set up coffee meetups with people who you admire and post questions to them. Maybe they can help you get inspiration for how to organize your time, set intention, or possibly even see your ideas valuable and connect you to other like minds. 

Feed your Mind

If your endeavors are language-related, strive to learn a new word each day and use it in conversation with someone else. Being proactive about your ventures is the only way to make yourself better.

Do an activity you did when you were a child, like hopscotch, jump rope or anything of a sort. Pull on those leggings and get moving a little. Climb a tree. The perspective from up there is much different. Plus, there comes calmness that is connected to places that are physically elevated from the ground.

If you don’t feel particularly creative on a certain day, just observe someone else being creative. 

Treat your body well

One of the most important things I haven’t mentioned but also haven’t forgotten about is to get plenty of quality rest. When you think you got stuck, either prepare yourself a nutritious meal or a warm beverage, change your setting, go outside, or simply take a nap.

You can always ask people for their opinion on your work. Be selective of who you ask; they probably should have some experience in the field you’re working with if you wish an honest review. Then, be also open to constructive criticism. Then, you can always look back and create an improved version of a project that you have done some time before.

If you want to grow, then the only way is to keep being curious and keep learning new things. Constantly read and investigate things that intrigue you. If you wish to share the acquired knowledge with others, make a tutorial and share it on social media.

Good luck!

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